By sharing your experiences with CountyCare, you’re helping us make
meaningful improvements to better serve you and every CountyCare member.
Play Video about Your opinion matters at CountyCare
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Play Video about Your opinion matters at CountyCare
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About the Survey

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (CAHPS) survey is your opportunity to tell us what you think about the services we provide at CountyCare. The survey is part of a national project by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), a non-profit group that helps people learn more about health plans.

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete

The survey is anonymous

your name will not be on the survey and no one at CountyCare will see your answers.

CountyCare members are randomly selected to take the survey.

You must be invited to take the survey

How to Take the Survey

If you are selected to take the survey, you will receive a letter in the mail that looks like this along with a copy of the survey. Surveys will be mailed starting in February and collected during the Spring of 2024.


  1. Complete the paper survey you receive in the mail.
  2. Simply fill it out and return it using the postage paid envelope provided.


  1. Go to the website provided or scan the QR code to complete the survey online.
  2. You must use the username and password provided in the letter.
  3. It’s quick, convenient, and secure.


  1. Misplaced your survey? No worries!
  2. Call SPH Analytics/Press Ganey at 1-888-797-3605 and they will mail you another one.

Not invited but want to give feedback?

If you did not receive an invitation to take the survey, we still want to hear from you! Your feedback is incredibly valuable in helping us enhance your health plan experience.

CountyCare is a High-Quality Plan

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We Made Improvements
Based on Your Survey Responses!
Want to know how we improved CountyCare based on your feedback?
Watch these videos to learn more.
Play Video about Why should you take the CountyCare Survey?
Play Video about CountyCare listens and make changes.
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What are some of the
most recent improvements?

Urgent Care

Your feedback led to more than 125 new urgent care clinics in our network for faster access to immediate care.

Pediatric Dental

We prioritize your child's smile, and we've expanded access to pediatric dental appointments.

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CountyCare has increased access to top-quality behavioral health services, ensuring you receive the care you need.

Communication with Members

Join us in staying informed and healthy with Texts from CountyCare, delivering updates on benefits, resources, and care reminders for your peace of mind. Opt-in by texting the word COUNTYCARE to 37331.

Expansion of Network

We're expanding our network to get you into appointments sooner. Standard wait times for appointments with primary care providers, specialists and other providers can be viewed هنا.

Wait Time Improvements

We've listened to your feedback and made significant improvements in wait times for prenatal care, primary care, wellness/annual physical, specialty care, and behavioral health.

We appreciate your commitment to helping us provide the best possible health plan.
Your voice matters, and together, we're building a healthier future.