Health & Wellness

CountyCare is proud to be your health and wellness partner.

Learn more about common health conditions and stay up-to-date with tips for staying healthy.

Do-it-Yourself Health Tools

How healthy are your habits? Do you want to make them better and feel your best?
You can use these online tools on your mobile phone or computer to learn more about your health habits.

Click on the tool below that interests you and answer the questions.
You will get personalized information about how to improve your health.

You can use these tools as often as you like – or not at all – but we suggest at least once a year.
Take just one small step and watch your health habits improve!

This information is just for you – no health plan staff or other people helping you will know what you answered. If you’d like, you can print a copy of your results to show to your healthcare provider or care coordinator if you see something you want to discuss.

These health assessments do not replace your initial health risk screen or your annual health risk assessment. Please reach out to your care coordinator directly or contact us at 312-864-8200 to complete your initial health risk screen and earn a $50 reward on your CountyCare Rewards Card.

General Risk Assessment

General Risk Assessment offers an overview of your health. This assessment covers important areas such as diet, exercise, smoking and blood pressure. When you are done, you’ll receive customized messages to explain your risks and help you take next steps. You’ll also receive links to read more about your risks.

Lifestyle and Condition Assessments

Lifestyle and Condition Assessments help you stay healthy with information about your current health status and your risk of developing diseases in the future. These health assessments give you personalized messages about what you need to improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Click on the topic that interests you to get started.

Fitness and Health Calculators

These are quick and useful tools to help you set exercise goals and learn about your health, like target body weight, heart rate, body fat and more.

Health Topic Brochures

View these brochures on certain health topics, like quitting smoking or managing high cholesterol. You can download and print these to bring to your doctor’s appointment to take notes or write down your questions.

Recognizing & Preventing Stroke

Managing Your Asthma

Managing Your Diabetes

Managing High Blood Pressure

Managing High Cholesterol

Sexually Transmitted Infections & Diseases

Learn About Tobacco & Its Effects

Using Your Health Insurance

Managing Your Medications